Types of Fire Extinguishers: ABC Powder - Co² - Co² Aluminum "non magnetic" - Water - Special Applications


Under current legislation (R.D 513/2017), at least once a year will have to make the following revisions:

  • Checking the status of the load (weight and pressure).
  • Precinct Placement Guarantee.
  • Check the discharge pressure of the medium.
  • Checking the status of the hose, nozzle or lance, valves and mechanical parts.
  • Transportation to our workshops and return, if applicable.
  • Liability Insurance policy with 900,000 €.
  • Registration in the Official Registry Book.
  • Check the status of powder extinguishing agent, if bottle attached.

FlamasurDenomination is called the "pressure test" to be submitted to both major vessels as well as bottles of CO2 which are equipped with some powder extinguishers.
The retimbrado or "pressure test" must be done every 5 years from the date of manufacture and record the date of such transaction approval label or in the same container.Flamasur

It consists in subjecting the containers to the test pressure set on the required approval of the type of extinguisher for the Ministry of Industry and Energy (BOE 23/6/82, pg. 17 141)

Be provided by FLAMASUR, SL the corresponding Certificate of fire extinguishers have been subjected to such tests.