You can not (or should not) conceive of the implementation of a fire without creating a good signage system because, when searching for items of necessity, we must find them and also find them quickly because it will depend on our facilities or goods, as well as the lives of people in these facilities.

The signaling is regulated mainly by the following rules as follows:

  • UNE 81501-81 "Signs in the workplace."
  • UNE 23033-81 "Fire Safety. Signs."
  • UNE23034-88 "Fire Safety. Safety signs. Escape routes."
  • Decree 485/1997 of April 14, minimum requirements regarding safety signs and Health at Work.
  • Decree 486/1997, of April 14, minimum safety and health in workplaces.

Furthermore, the signals to be photoluminescent as reflectedSeñales in the basic standard NBE-CPI-96, must meet the specifications included in the UNE 23035-1 (Part I, III and IV)

Our signs are manufactured on standard support transparent PVC (fireproof material M1) being printed on the front of the material. This system has the advantage of protecting the signal, since it can not be scratched or erased or accidentally soiled during installation and is easily washable.